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TGC Export and Import enables importers and exporters to find qualified international
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TGC Presents Marias Handicraft

The definitive purpose of Maria’s Handicrafts is to build sustainable society where admiration for human person is held high and no discrimination stand on caste, gender or religion is established. Maria’s
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TGC TECHS is designed to offer online marketing solutions and software solutions for companies that are striving to expand their business online.
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Taylor Group Corporation provides the small entrepreneur the tools to change the trend. Taylor Group Corporation is an American owned company based in Southern California. Over the last 4 years Under the Super Vision of Aslo Taylor, President and CEO, including its subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, and strategic alliances with offshore companies located in Asia that provide IT services along with textile manufacturing units. Many of our strategic alliances have placed orders for Walmart, Kohl’s, Kmart and other well known brands around the world. The international language barrier is no longer a big problem to start the new trend.

Our Clients

Taylor Group Corporation provides the small entrepreneur the tools to change the trend.


Our IT Audit services help you to proactively identify
Who we are?
Taylor Group Corporation is a privately held leading holding company based in Carlsbad, California with over 30 years of high–level investment success. Taylor Group Corporation was founded recently in 2013 after viewing the potential of offshore acquisitions. Over few years of development, in addition to its core business of branded garment manufacturing and marketing, the Group has established businesses in sectors including fisheries, shipping, Information and Technology, Apparel marketing and equity investment.
How to buy from us?
Choose a product or service you are interested in and then just dial: 855 782 1526 OR, even email us: We make it our top priority to answer all our emails promptly.
How can we sell your business?
Simple, we build specific strategies for the certain assignment and provide definite attention where needed. When a customer assigns us for branding an idea, we discuss some of these strategies at first:
  1. Understanding your idea and what you are looking for.
  2. Researching and providing you the target market of your product line.
  3. Crafting your Idea into Reality and thus, defining your business.
  4. Focusing on your strong-suit.
  5. Taking action and putting your business (services and products) out there for consumers.
These are only the 5 initial steps. We mold the strategies according to your response and our business experience.
How I can avail your services?
We provide a set of services, ranging from online services which include IT support, Online Advertisement, Website Design, Virtual Office Assistant to Production Services consisting of Buying Offices, Freight Forwarders, Sample Sales, Illustrators, Inspection & Repair, Dyeing Services, Boutique Design, Embroidery, Labels & Hangtags, Patternmaking, Warehouse, and Finishing.
All you have to do is choose from one (or more) of the products or services you are interested in and then just dial: 855 782 1526 OR, write to us: We make it our top priority to answer all our emails promptly.
How long does it take to create a website?
For a normal website if all the content are ready it will take maximum 3 days,for ecommerce site it depends on the products)
How is online advertising going to help me?
The Internet's a huge platform that can allow advertisers to reach considerably more people than the conventional advertising platforms at a fraction of the expanses. Internet advertising is perfect for businesses with an international and/or national target marketplace and large-scale distribution potentialities.
The 5 most valuable advantages of internet advertising:
  • It offers more value for your advertising dollars as it can be more targeted than offline mediums.
  • It is available on the internet and allows 24/7 visibility to the viewers
  • It has a faster and wider reach as you can connect with people anywhere even in the remotest locations, as long as there is Internet connectivity.
  • It provides more information at a low cost.
  • It is convenient for your viewers as they can access your online advertising material as many times as they want.
Can I have my own design for my garments, t-shits?
Yes, definitely.
Can I have a website that can run in mobile devices? It is going to be expensive?
Yes, you can have responsive web design sites. And, it is not expensive.
If I create a website shall I get any maintenance services afterward?
if you are in a contract with us, then yes, we will be providing you maintenance services afterwards. If not, one needs to pay for any future changes.
Is that website will be SEO friendly?
yes, it is.
If I make an order for merchandise, how long do I have to wait?
It depends on the consignment and the location of the delivery. We will inform you about the time-frame required for the delivery during the placement of your order. Furthermore, we will keep you informed about the progress of your order periodically.

Founder’s Bio

Aslo Taylor
Chairman of the Board, CEO, President

Aslo Taylor, age 49, brings a vast scope of project management experience encompassing, operations sales and staff management along with advertising integration. He has previously held executive consulting positions with various publicly trading companies, start-ups, Public utilities assisting them with the processes of entrepreneurial activity. His consulting and promotional services extend to the following house hold names such as hair club for men, Lawrence Welk resorts . New visual entertainment, light year communications. KPRZ 1210 AM radio station which he produced and hosted a nationwide radio show called what god has told me, sing on San Diego, Hotel Del Coronado, Mr. Taylor has introduced and assisted many companies with the antecedents and consequences of various forms of entrepreneurial opportunity identification and opportunity pursuit for individuals, organizations, and industries, including innovation in products, services and business models as central to entrepreneurial activity. Much of his focuses included the structure and role of venture capital and private equity organizations which he help them achieve award winning success by raising millions of dollars. Mr. Taylor was honorably discharged as a Non Commissioned officer from the United States Army after serving in Desert Storm. Aslo Taylor attended Kent State University majoring in telecommunications; he also serves as president and CEO of Taylor Group Corporation.

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