Acetate Fabric

Acetate fabric is yielded from cellulose and attained by reforming wood pulp or cotton. Resistant to moth, shrinkage, and mildew, Acetate fabric gives a luxurious and extremely soft just like silk.

Chiffon Fabric

A light and simple woven pure fabric with a soft drape is basically what Chiffon refers. This particular fiber is generally colligated with fibers like silk or nylon, but it can be produced using different fibers like cotton or silk etc. A favorable choice by women, Chiffon is used for bridal-wear and also materializes in prom dresses, scarves and evening dress. It can be easily shaded in contrast to any wanted tone. Chiffon can be prepared using various resources like polyester, rayon or silk. A classic favorite for manufacturing blouses and various sorts of dresses, Chiffon adds a magnificent touch to the dress and brings a magical look to the wearer's personality.

Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabrics are anothersort of the artificially manufactured synthetic fiber. Commonly referred to as the replication of wool, Acrylic fabrics are used to make apparels mainly for women and outfits like shirts while it is verily used in the seats of chairs and sofas as well. Known for their resistance to tear and wear, Acrylic also does not loss the varnish for a longer period of time. People choose the Acrylic fabrics due to its low rates than any other fabrics. In the fabric industry, Acrylic fabrics are considered to be the premium illustration of the discovery of the mankind which is why it is looked up with a great significance of pride.

Organza Fabric

A plain weave, a pure, thin plain weave fabric which is made out of constantstrand of silk thread worms, is what basically Organza refers to. Most Organza Fabrics are woven in silk while in this modern era Organza Fabrics are woven with synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. Production of bags widely employs Oganza fabrics. This sophisticated and unique fabric is the choice of millions.

Lastex Fabric

Latex is a basic material that is used in manufacturing Lastex fabric. Fibers like foundation garments and spandex are produced using lastex fabric along with some other intricate fibers

Nylon Fabric

Interesting Fact about Nylon: The expression 'Nylon' is actually a derivative of 'New York' and 'London'. Another very popular synthetic fiber preferred by masses, Nylon is used for apparels, sheets and covers along with several more business and household purposes. The features that gives Nylon fabric its name isthetoughness and strong ability to stretch. This individuality makes Nylon a prime choice in the production line of luggage, wallets and many more. To top that Nylon is easily washable without much effort

Velvet Fabric

Considered as one of the softest and placid amongst others, Velvets, for typical properties are processed uniquely specially. Whether be the unending glaze or be the glossiness it scores is no less than silk in any appraisals. Velvet fabric, due to its high class looks and price viability has made it the most preferred fabrics. This is mainly the reason why themarket deems the velvet fabrics industry as a secure sector for involvement.

Polyester Fabric

The man made polyester fabric is very much in demand in markets for its various applications. The fabric is very strong, soft and wrinkle resistant as well. Various uses of polyester fabricincludedraperies, casement curtains, throw rugs, floor coverings, bedding, and also insulating material.

Taffeta Fabric

With its slim Taffeta fabric which is a soft, smooth and crispy is fabric widely used in manufacturing of women's garments. With dry and radiant areas that echo light differently, the taffeta fabric has a typicalwavy outline which exposes resemblance to a water mark. The foundation of the word 'Taffeta' is from Persia, meaning "twisted woven". It is generally made with a fine warp and heavier filling yarns and plain weave


Denim Fabric

Denim fabric is uneven cotton twill and is usually adorned with indigo dye to form blue jeans. The use of denim fabric is vast. With vibrant quality and ability to grant utmost comfort, Denim fabricis one of the demanded fashion fabrics all over. With idyllic shopping knowledge, people are moving towards purchasing new innovative designs of denim fabric.

Rayon Fabric

Rayon fabric is basically the final result of solidifying filaments (forcing cellulose solution into spinnerets). The method of manufacturing rayon is quite different; it involves transformation of natural raw supplies to more practical. Rayon is a exceptional kind of material that cannot be termed either a natural fabric or synthetic one. Theeffectiveness of rayon fabric is muchmore than any other cotton fabric; it is economical too. Its soft quality makes rayon one of the most desired fabrics.

Spandex Fabric

Spandex fabric is extensively used as fashion fabric because of its great shape preservation quality. The vital point about spandex fabric, besides being resistant to dry heat and oil, is that it recoils back to its original condition even after extending up to 600 times. It is weightless, provides flexibility and great comfort to the person wearing it. It also is resistant to perspiration and body oil, creating a less locked up feel and making it a versatile piece of clothing.

Georgette Fabric

Strong, sheer and projecting a silk like feel, Georgette fabric often comes with a crepe, dull surface. In simple words, it is a complete lightweight fabric that catersextreme comfort. Made out of polyester or silk, it is commonly compared to chiffon;but in terms it is opaque and slightly heavy than chiffon. When it comes to price and comfort, a hefty number of people chose georgette. It's unique and exquisite nature makes georgette fabric a very demanded and preferred fabric in the fashion industry

Viscose Fabric

Widely used for coating fabric, Viscose, with time has taken furthest development and has entirely replaced old cotton and wool. Its vast utilization ranges from production of female undergarments to furnishing and lining.

Grey fabric Fabric

Grey fabric has been the choice of many for long, for cloth manufacturing, due to its longevity, uniqueness and cost effectiveness. Its demand in the market is increasing with time. Clothes made out of this fabric can simply be described as spectacular in every aspect.Clothes made out of grey fabric showcase a greatclassiness and supplies a trend of glamour. It is in fact excelling in the international market.

Polypropylene Fabric

Especially meant for winter seasons, pure Polypropylene Fabric generally stays dry thence keeping one warm. Preferred for its lightweight specification, this fabric enables its user to perform any moderate task with ease during the winter; entailing features besides this makes Polypropylene an apt choice for many during the cold.

Satin Fabric

Also known as to be the most elegant fabric, the silky and astonishing Satin fabric is specially used to make female apparels like gowns, panties, blouse, and a lot more including home-d├ęcor such as curtains, bed sheets etc. What makes this fabric high class is the lusterand the multiple color options like red, blue, purple, black, green and etc. The smoothness and lightweight factor of this fabric comes from the composition of rayon or silk. It needs definite attention during production as it is a very delicate material and is indeed manufactured with great of care. It is no surprise that Satin fabric has attractedgiant demand for very long.