Industrial Fabric

Composed of several fabrics the flocked fabric is exclusively called for in bothinternational and domestic market which makes it the most profitable investment in the fabric industry. Due to its increase in demand flocked fabric is manufactured and traded by many. The explanation behind such popularity of flocked fabric is itsendless usability. Flocked fabrics are used in pants, inner garments, trousers, shirts etc along with packaging threads and laces.

Carbon Fabric

Mostly used in aerospace application, carbon fabric is also used in several other aspects like Aircraft interiors , Primary and secondary structures , Brake linings, Tooling, Windmill blades, Racing helmets and so on. Its wide acceptance in aerospace application is because of the high stiffness degree it provides in aircrafts. Also well known for its light weight a carbon fabric is distinguished for the following features as well: Dimensional stability, High strength and Fire Resistance etc.

Vinyl Fabric

Chemically produced from derived ethylene, vinyl fabric is quite a durable plastic and versatile craft material. Variety of vinyl fabric comprises clear vinyl and flannel-backed vinyl used for raincoats and outdoor tablecloths, respectively.

Plain Fabric

Well known for its durability, cost effectiveness and soberness, clothes fabricated with plain fabric can easily be termed exquisite. With the wide range of plain fabric varieties, the options are endless.

Blended Fabric:

Besides being resistant to wear and tear and being stiff, the specialty of blended fabric lies in the contrast of shades and looks. Let's have a look on the two forms of the blended fabrics:

Silk blended fabric:

Silk composed in the blended fabric makes it look stunningand stylish.

Jute blended fabric:

Jute composed in the blended fabric makes it stiffer and more durable.

PTFE Fabric

Well renowned for its exceptional non-stick surface a PTFE fabric allows the user to carry on with his work without any discomfort. Long lasting durability and resistant to corrosion, moisture, tear and wear, PTFE fabric remains inert even at high temperatures.

Crewel Fabric

Widely originated from Kashmir(north-western India), Crewel fabric is mainly used in bed- heads, light upholstery, bed cover, cushions, curtains, and much more. Its handiness and availability makes a Crewel fabric one of the most demanding materials in the market.

Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabric is named so because of its nature to be able to stretch in all four directions.Mostly used in the production of swimsuits, stretch fabric is wrinkle resistant and has better shape preservation thus making it more comfortable to wear.

Reflective Fabric

Reflective fabric is the finest example of amplified usability of the fabrics. The constant evolution of the science field is responsible for this excellent innovation. Reflective fabric is known for itsaptitude to reflect the light resulting in endless utilization of this fabric; a couple of examples are Street lights and life jackets.

Quilted Fabric

Generally made for products likeclothing, bags, and mattresses, quilted fabrics can merge into any of the material like polyesters,cottonwool and silk. Since ages man has used quilted fabrics on a regular basis. Also available in various shapes and colors, this fabric is now considered a status symbol. Due to its soft nature, it can easily be threaded and is easily washable and dryable.Besides easy maintenance lavish looking quilted fabric is available at the most affordable rates.

Polyethylene Fabric

Polyethylene fabric is a diverse fabric that is muchapplauded in the domestic and trade sectors. Polyethylene fabric is known for its unmatchable thickness and vigormaking it superior to others. It's a manmade fabric manufactured in the lab. Polyethylene fabric is a very useful fabrics, it's on the verge of replacing all sorts of traditional fabrics for bags. Exceptionally lightweight yet it is capable of holding a lot more weight than previous versions. The high elasticity makes it more extensible; it is also used in various toys and industrialmachineries.

Narrow Fabric

A very common fabric that we use quite regularly, narrow fabrics contain composite strands making it thicker and stronger. That's what makes it an apt choice for heavy duties. The narrow fabrics are availed two commonly known forms: Laces and Tapes.

Laminated Fabric

Our much cared items such as the bags, apparels, beds often accumulate dust and dirt and set us worrying. This can be avoided by the usage of the laminated fabric. Laminated fabric is used to protect all kind of sheets, clothing, handbags, covers, and much more. This fabric safeguards the laminated material from any kind of external factor that hinders the quality and the smoothness. Laminated fabric adds to the durability of a material.

Flame Resistant Fabric

The idea of the flame resistant fabric became reality due to the long experiments and investigation in the labs for several years. Convenience is the first priority of the flame resistant fabric; which means it can neither be too weighty nor too slender and it should also adorn a nice look that appeals to the user. The flame resistant fabric is contains chemicals and other materials that make it easily withstand any amount of flame and heat