With personalized services, we can handle your shipment – regardless of size, point of origin or destination. Through its comprehensive logistics services division, we can offer you the following services, which you may elect to, use individually or as a package

  • Shipment Booking
  • Bill of Lading Preparation
  • Preparation and Electronic Filing of Electronic Export Information (EEI, formally SED)
  • Preparation, Consolidation and Forwarding of Export Documents
  • Shipment Monitoring and Project Management

Contact us today to see how we can help you move your cargo with the ease and expertise. Inspection services in RMG industry: To confirm the quality of the final product, manufacturers inspect the garment in every stage of the garment making. To eliminate biased decision buyers like to have ‘Third Party inspection’ of goods (garments) at manufacturer's facility. So, when a factory takes service from an outside organization especially for garment quality and process inspection is known as inspection service.