TGC TECHS is designed to offer online marketing solutions and software solutions for companies that are striving to expand their business online. We will help different companies or individuals increase their online sales and customer relationships. We help our clients build online businesses. We construct their business with a full range of Internet marketing, website design, and E-commerce solutions. Our call center setup allows us to communicate directly with the potential customer segment.


  • Call Center
  • Website Design
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Software Designing
  • Online Marketing Solutions


In the United States, online advertising and software designing has reached $31.3 billion (according to E-Marketer 2013). Due to its expert manpower availability and call center setup, TGC TECHS is growing rapidly with the market.

TGC TECHS Market Strategy

TGC TECHS has a unique high tech product development to guide customer interactions from initial contact through our mechanism of internet marketing. We can contact over 100,000 potential customers in one month. TGC TECHS markets are: moderate size companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their operation, their products, and their services. Our pricing will depend on services needed per request with a 20-30% discount pertaining to industry standards.